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What type of floor tile do you desire? Is it glass, Metallic, travertine, marble, pebble, granite, glass, quartzite, or concrete? We have all of these designs and many more. All you have to do is reach via (916) 823-8310 and your needs wish will be granted.

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Elk Grove Tile earns its reputation as the premier tile installation contractor through a blend of expertise, quality craftsmanship, and customer-centric service. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we deliver meticulous installations tailored to each client’s unique vision and needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, ensuring flawless results that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of any space. From the selection of high-quality tiles to the precision of installation, Elk Grove Tile prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. Choose us for your tile installation needs and experience the difference that comes with working with the best.

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Metal Tile Elk Grove, CA

Metal tiles

As your best local tile contractors, we provide unique flooring solutions to adorn your property. Our metal tile designs are made of tough and durable materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. They are mostly available in rectangular designs but others come in sheets which make installation very easy. Their dynamic finishes are adorable. If you want a vintage floor, we recommend copper tiles and stainless steel for a modern design. Aluminum on the other hand has both a vintage and modern look and so it fits in most situations.

Travertine tiles

They are normally brown or cream in color. It is a natural stone tile design that suits most floors. The tiles are characterized by small voids which were formed by glasses that got detached during their formation. This is what gives travertine tiles an antique touch. For rough surfaces, split faced styles do great while chisel edges are good for older appearances. A popular style that looks more natural but modern is the travertine tiles with filled pits and honed finishes.

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Concrete Tile Elk Grove, CA

Concrete tiles

This is the closest alternative for natural tile materials. Concrete tile installation can be confused with stone or wood but have a realistic texture made through special mold and color. The material is tough, simple to maintain, and more affordable than natural stone tiles and other luxurious designs like porcelain. The reason why some of our clients prefer concrete tiles is due to the countless design possibilities they offer. From modern to rustic looks, concrete saves money on any part of a project.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are spectacular floor options for extra color. They are very luminous and thus brighten up any room. Even if they can tolerate high temperatures, we do not install them in the hearth area. One chic design we recommend is the glass subway which gives colorful and dynamic brick style if set in running bond layout. We also have glass mosaic tile options which are smaller pieces attached to mesh backing and very easy to install.

Glass Tile Contractors Elk Grove, CA
Marble Tile Elk Grove, CA

Marble tiles

Marble is the one tile design that looks classic on any floor. The tile floors are magnificent works of art that come in white, grey, or black colors in most cases. Other exclusive designs come in red, pink, and green colors. Their finishes are as glossy and weathered as those of other natural stone tiles.

Slate tiles

These are the number one tile options for rustic elegance. The best thing about these natural tiles is that they provide a vast array of colors from black to orange, providing an earthy tone on any floor. One of the most preferred color choices for the fireplace is gray. Most of our clients request for natural-looking slate tiles, in which case we install rough-textured and rectangular slate tiles.

Slate Tile, Elk Grove, CA
Granite Tiles Elk Grove, CA

Granite tiles

Granite stones are some of the strongest and fire resistant materials. They are also scratch proof, very durable, and hardly scrape off. That is why we recommend granite tiles for fireplaces. The other benefit of our granite tiles is the ease of cleaning. They are luxurious options hence are pricier than other types of tiles. But generally, you get what you pay for and the tiles last for a lifetime. When it come to colors, our clients can choose between black and white or pink for those who like fancier hues. Granite tiles are considered for lavish traditional installation but due to their polished finishes, they are great for contemporary designs.

Other tile options

There are many more natural materials which can be used for tiles. A good example of a pale stone that looks like marble is the quartzite. The other tile which provides the beige accent and a warm appearance is the limestone. Some tiles which are more suitable for fireplaces are the soapstone tiles which are low-maintenance and timeless alternatives. Pebble tiles provide exquisite, natural, and 3D appearances. Then there is the mosaic tile constructed in mother of pearl.

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