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Everyone we come across literally asks us what the difference is between porcelain and ceramic tile? The answer is easy. They’re both made of clay, are highly durable, and resilient to the environmental conditions in your home. The biggest difference is that porcelain is made with denser material and is heated at a higher temperature when created. While ceramic is honestly an amazing product type, porcelain is revolutionary.

Why Choose Elk Grove for Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a revolutionary product that offers superior durability and resilience compared to ceramic tile, thanks to its denser material and higher firing temperature. At Elk Grove Tile, we utilize this exceptional material for its long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. Porcelain’s consistent color throughout means chips and cracks are virtually unnoticeable, making it a smart investment for long-term home value. While slightly more expensive than ceramic, porcelain tile’s minimal maintenance, water resistance, and variety of colors and designs make it worth the cost. Ideal for floors, walls, and backsplashes, porcelain tile provides ultimate protection against wear, tear, and water damage, ensuring your home looks beautiful for years to come. Choose Elk Grove for your porcelain tile installation and benefit from our expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

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Porcelain Tile Elk Grove, CA


The amazing thing about porcelain tile is that body it’s is virtually the same color as its surface. This means that in the event your porcelain tile ever chips or cracks it will be virtually unnoticeable due to the almost identical coloring between its body and façade. Long term wear and tear will go virtually undetected by the naked eye due to its unique design. While chipping will happen eventually on all tile types, porcelain prolongs the strength of your tile and reduces chipping visibility when chipping or cracking occur. Porcelain tile is the ultimate product solution if you’re looking for a long-term investment for your forever home.


While porcelain tile does cost a little more than ceramic, it can be worth the price tag if you’re committed to the longevity of your property. If you’re planning on living in your home for a multitude of years, or want to increase your resale value immensely, porcelain tile is the way to go. Porcelain tile exists in a variety of colors, and is conducive to many grouting options. Investing in high quality materials like porcelain tile now, means less maintenance, spending and repair work down the road.

Porcelain Tile Elk Grove, CA
Porcelain Tile Elk Grove, CA


Porcelain tile is called the king of tile for a reason. It stands up to the test of time. Whatever you and your family are doing, your flooring, walls, or backsplashes will receive ultimate protection when you choose porcelain tile. Like ceramic tile, porcelain tile requires little maintenance and provides long term experience. Our top-of-the-line products at Elk Grove Tile ensure that your home is not only looking its best, but will look that way for years to come. If you’re deciding between ceramic and porcelain tile installation we want to meet with you and show you the product types up close, and side by side to help you make your best decision. Our demonstrations will easily help you understand the benefits of porcelain tile installation.

Water Resistance

Like most of our customers you’re probably looking for a tile that will stand up to not only your common wear and tear but to water as well. Porcelain provides stringent water protection wherever it’s installed. Porcelain tile will protect your walls, floors, and virtually any surface type from water deterioration. Water damage can be one of the most costly and all-encompassing damages your home can endure. A few drops of water over an extended period of time can go a long way in damaging your homes infrastructure. Porcelain tile combined with proper grouting protect against continual water damage, while providing a great cosmetic solution to your house. Protect your family against must, mold and allergens, and invest in porcelain tile today.

Porcelain Tile Elk Grove, CA

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