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We can build a top-notch shower enclosure using advanced tiling methods to transform your bathroom into a spa-like environment. Ask for services of our expert handymen.

It only takes a few days to frame, sheath, and tile a shower. We provide all tiling supplies to make your life easier. Whatever accent you desire, standard or fancy, brace yourself because we are bring it to you. 

Why Elk Grove Tile is the Best Contractor for Shower Tile Installation

Elk Grove Tile is the top choice for shower tile installation, thanks to our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality. Our skilled team delivers meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring each tile is perfectly placed for a flawless, long-lasting finish. We offer a wide range of stylish and durable tiles designed to withstand the moisture and wear of a shower environment, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Elk Grove Tile guarantees a seamless installation process tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Choose Elk Grove Tile for your shower tile installation and experience the highest standard of service and excellence.

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Shower Tile Installation Elk Grove, CA

Planning the Layout

Our shower tile installation experts are qualified architects and so they begin with drafting a template in the planning stage. A tile layout for every wall is necessary and it is drawn on a rosin paper. If a client requires a bench or shelf, we make sure that there is sufficient room for that. The secret to an outstanding tile work is to plan with real tile that will be used. The actual tile helps to determine the dimensions and exact positioning of different features. The drawing includes the size of backer board and the required plywood. We emphasize a lot on the planning stage so that the installation process becomes simpler. A layout is very important because it shows: the full height of field tiles, where the shelf rests, the bench size, where the alcove starts, and other measurements.


At the top and bottom of the alcove, blocking is added and foam board used to fill the back. Then the end wall and the bench are framed. Where there is space between the wall and shower base, a continuous wall is framed from the floor to the ceiling. The alcove is then framed according to the template. If at all the alcove is an exterior wall, a foam insulation of about 1” thick is attached to the sheathing. Next in farming is the bench which should be mounted with a slight slope to prevent water from settling on it. Plywood is used to cap the bench and screws used to secure it. Finally, blocking is added as support for any shelf.

We mostly use cement board tile backer on shower walls because it is easier to work on and it is reinforces with cement board screws. In case of a premade shower base, we place the lower part of the tile backer above the lip such that the tile hangs above the lip to facilitate water flow to the base.

The nest installation is fiberglass mesh tape on all corners and seams. The tape is adhesive on one side. Thin-set mortar is applied on the corners and seams but huge build-ups are avoided to keep tile from falling flat.

Shower Tile Installation Elk Grove, CA
Shower Tile Installation Elk Grove, CA


All the areas which are prone to water damage require a waterproof membrane which is basically a brush-on coat which should be applied with disposable brush and left to dry before another coat is added. It changes color to signify that it is ready for the next coat. The waterproof coat should be applied more on those water-prone areas of the shower like the corners, alcoves, and benches.

Tiling the Alcove wall

Thin-set is spread on the back of the alcove and then on the tiles. The template should be the ultimate guide for tile layout. Lines of tile rows which surround the alcove must be established first. The tiles dry-stacked and measured to determine the distance between the first row of the tiles and the alcove bottom. The tiles need to align straight so that they don’t slide down the wall before setting of the thin-set. Using a notched trowel, the back of the alcove is combed with well-mixed thin-set. The tiles are pressed into the mortar thin-set and tapped slightly with a float so as to embed firmly to the other tiles. Any grout that oozes in between tiles is wiped with a wet sponge before it dries.
A while ago, showers were only perceived as simple boxes and homeowners dreaded addition of architectural elements which were perceived as expenses. Today, modern building materials bust the old myths and we can build benches, alcoves, and shelves in shower areas. Such structures are pleasant and convenient. Our key planning stages and tiling techniques have transformed many homes and now it’s your turn to try our services.

Shower Tile Installation Elk Grove, CA

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