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Do you want to enjoy a water resistant floor in your bathroom? We can help you choose tiles that will suit your particular needs. Perhaps you want a bathroom remodel that will fit in your interior décor. We are the tile flooring company that will give your favorite bathroom tiles. Feel free to call (916) 823-8310 any time.

Why Elk Grove Tile is the Best Bathroom Tile Flooring

Elk Grove Tile is the best choice for bathroom tile flooring due to our exceptional expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality. Our skilled team specializes in bathroom installations, ensuring that every tile is placed with precision for a flawless finish. We offer a wide selection of high-quality, water-resistant tiles in various styles, colors, and materials, catering to diverse design preferences and functional requirements. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means we provide personalized service, competitive pricing, and a seamless installation process from start to finish. Choose Elk Grove Tile for bathroom tile flooring that combines durability, beauty, and reliability, ensuring a stunning and lasting transformation of your space.

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We Test the Tiles Before Installing

Before you get new tiles and start installing them, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice that is not only spectacular but also favorable to your steamy showers, pets, and kids. At Elk Grove bathroom tile flooring, we make comprehensive experiments on different tiles so as to determine the best for a particular bathroom.

These are the things we test for: break strength, abrasion proof, moisture absorption, chemical resistance, friction coefficient, and scratch hardiness. These tests provide an overall idea of the ideal applications for every type of tile.  

Try Our 4 Water Resistant Bathroom Tiles

1. Shower Tiles
Your shower deserves a spa-like ambience and offer several functions on a daily basis. If you like, we can install porcelain tiles which are versatile designs and ensure that they match your interior décor. We install only those tiles which are rated for the shower.

2. Backsplash Tiles
These tiles prevent water damage in your bath area. A backsplash tile can be metallic, glass, mosaic, or natural stone. If you try our services, we can make it more than simply functional. For durability and texture, you can try our linear glass tiles or if you prefer unique shapes, we have all tile shapes from penny rounds, rectangles, to diamonds. Backsplash is the perfect area for interesting finishes and colors without overwhelming the bathroom.

3. Floor Tiles
One thing you really need in your bathroom is a floor that copes with wetness, constant cleaning, and still look great. We have stylish bathroom floor tiles you just need such as ceramic and porcelain. One of our hottest designs is the cement-look. We can also design the tiles into wood-like tiles if that’s your preference. 

4. Wall Tiles
A completely tiled bathroom is more water-resistant and looks dazzling as well. It can actually be a focal point in the house. Natural stone tiles for example can be used on the walls and floors to complement each other. Marble and granite can make such distinctive additions to a bathroom. If you want to extend mosaic design across the walls, we have the right patterns for you which would make your bathroom a center of attention. We have professional mosaic designs from which you can choose your desirable colors and patterns.

Bathroom Tile Installation, Elk Grove, CA
Bathroom Tile Installation, Elk Grove, CA

Dynamic Bathroom Tile Ideas

If your house is old, we can help you remodel your bathroom to make it more exiting. Our modern bathroom tiles are not only practical but also suited for relaxation as in a spa or rustic cottage. Instead of the typical 6X6 and 12×12 squares, we incorporate more unique sizes and patterns. We have bigger porcelain bathroom tiles made of the latest techniques with realistic appearances. We also mix our exquisite mosaic tiles with neutral tiles to light up the bathroom and add depth to the interior décor. Additionally, we can incorporate mosaic tiles to the backsplashes behind the sinks to make them more appealing. If you prefer the natural hardwood look, we provide porcelain tile options that resemble just that. For a modern twist, you can opt for geometric designed tiles or natural stone for a stained finish.

To some of our clients who adore authentic looks of the natural stones, we install travertine tiles in their bathrooms. Travertine is durable and customizable in terms of color. It is also easier to maintain and may be sealed to prevent water seepage. 

Tile Accents

The best designs for smaller bathrooms are wall and floor tiles of the same color. Our ceramic tiles are great choices which offer neutral backdrop which can be dressed with ornate accent tiles. A neural pattern can be spruced up by adding a raw of accent tiles that define the bathtub space.

Bathroom Tile Installation, Elk Grove, CA

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