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Elk Grove Tile stands out as the premier outdoor tile contractor, offering unparalleled expertise, durability, and aesthetic appeal in every project. With a team of skilled professionals, we excel in transforming outdoor spaces into stunning retreats that withstand the elements with grace. Our wide selection of high-quality outdoor tiles ensures durability, weather resistance, and a range of styles to suit any design preference. From patios to pool decks, Elk Grove Tile delivers flawless installations that elevate the beauty and functionality of outdoor areas. Trust us to bring your outdoor tile visions to life and create a space you’ll love for years to come.

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Saltillo Tiles Grove, CA

Saltillo Tiles

These are terra-cotta tile designs whose origin is Mexico. They are made of clay and hand-crafted to give a beautiful appearance. During their manufacture, they are designed with wood flames and allowed to naturally cure in direct sun hence their natural beauty. Their colors range from orange, red, and yellow. They are however vulnerable to spills and stains since they are not glazed on surfaces. That is why we seal them for protection. We recommend Saltillo tiles for warmer areas as opposed to colder places since clay is prone to thaw damage. But if you really adore the design and live in a freezing climate, just talk to us and we will provide slate or porcelain tiles which just look like the Saltillo. 

Wood-look tiles

Most homeowners we serve love hardwood appearances but also prefer long-lasting qualities. We have various tiles which resemble woods and come with desirable qualities. One of the designs that can possess the rustic charms of wood is the porcelain. Porcelain can stand outdoor elements and when installed and maintained properly, these tiles last for many years. 

Wood Like Tile Elk Grove, CA
Concrete Tile Elk Grove, CA

Concrete Tiles

These are resilient materials for outdoor tile surfaces. Concrete withstands extreme climate and is also slip-resistant. Simple cleaning with soap and water is all that is needed to maintain concrete tiles. Concrete tiles may be sealed or decorated in various designs like stamping and staining. These finishes resemble lavish materials like natural stones.

Natural Stone Tiles

These materials are wonderful especially when installed in their native environments. Natural stones provide beautiful pathways and patios. They may be more expensive than other tiles but authenticate a property making guests feel happy in a wonderland. We employ our design skills in matching colors with the landscaping pieces around a property. Natural stones include:

  • Quartzite: This is a tile design we mostly recommend for pool decks particularly where there are boulders, waterfalls, and various features. It is a multicolored natural tile that’s both functional and appealing.
  • Limestone: It is spectacular and rich in color. Its surface is porous and thus we must seal it during installation to protect it from common stains. From white to brown limestone, you can have whatever you like.
  • Granite: This is the hardest natural stone in existence. It is less porous hence holds up very well in cold climates. It beautiful colors vary from black to white.
  • Travertine: Most people confuse travertine for limestone. It has lime deposits and is pitted and porous just like limestone.
  • Marble: After granite, marble is the second toughest natural stone. It is a bit more permeable than granite, resilient, and requires sealing. It comes in color variations from black to white and finishes can be rough or polished.
  • Slate: Slightly softer than marble, slate gives a lot of texture and visually appealing color variations. It is the best tile for contrasting an outdoor space. Colors vary from tan, orange, green, gray, and brown.
Stone Tile Elk Grove, CA
Porcelain Tile Elk Grove, CA

Porcelain Tiles

These are clay – bases tiles but fired in the kiln at very high temperatures. That is why they are very hard when compared to other designs like ceramics. Their textures and patterns are like those of bricks, natural stones, rocks, wood, and concrete. For outdoor use, we make them non-slippery with particular finishes.

Before our topnotch tile installers deal with your outdoor space, we take a good look at the environment and see what material is most suitable. It could be that your patio is directly lit by the sun or it tends to blackout at evenings. In case it is a shaded area, we use light colored tiles to brighten up the area e.g. cream or white porcelain tiles. For well-lit outdoor spaces, we use darker and earthy tile tones. When necessary, we apply a sealant as the finishing touch of the outdoor tiling project. Sealants keep off moisture and stains at bay for tiles which are not pre-sealed. But our ceramic and porcelain tiles come with default seals.

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